Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Case of the Missing Perfume

I've recently had to remove the Paypal option from my shop due to an unfortunate incident. In the meantime the Payment Direct option is working perfectly and is a great option since it remove Paypal from the equation.

In early August I received a purchase for a sample of GreenWitch and round compact of Vera from a fellow in Staten Island. The individual had never ordered from me before and newly arrived to Etsy. Normally in these cases I e-mail the person and ask if they would a refund on the purchase and order a sample before purchasing a full compact. In this case, I didn't have time, justifying in my head that I was too busy. Instead I made up the Vera solid perfume, putting all the love and detail I do with all the perfumes and packages I send out.

A week later I get an e-mail stating "i wanna returned item", perplexed but also conscious that I didn't contact him beforehand like, I immediately sent him a note back thanking him for the note, asking why he wanted to return it and linking the return policies on my shop.

He sent back a note answering my question with "i dont liked this is not my favor", I e-mail back saying I was sorry he didn't like the fragrance, mentioning that this is why I sell and encourage the purchase of samples before investing in compacts. I also put a link in to my return policies on my shop again.

Less than a week later I get an e-mail from Paypal stating that the individual has filed a case and that they had removed the income from my account while the case is resolved. In the meantime I should go to the RESOLUTION center in my Paypal account to respond to the buyers message. I go to the RESOLUTION center and find no cases. I call Paypal and am told that it is too early for the case to show up, to wait 24 hours and then go in there. I once more go to RESOLUTION center and find no cases. I call Paypal again and am told they are not sure why that is happening. I ask what the reason is for the person filing the case. I am told it is because the individual filed an "item not as described" case because the compact arrived empty. I explained to the Paypal agent (Visualize Mr. Smith from the Matrix) that the individual e-mailed me that he didn't like the smell and thats why he wanted to return it. The agent old me to put the information into the RESOLUTION center. I reminded the agent that I there are NO cases in my resolution center. The agent tells me to e-mail him the e-mails and he will manually insert them into the case for me.

I do what I am told, thinking I will succeed since the buyer is clearly lying and I have proof. A few days pass and I am still have no cases in my RESOLUTION center. After several e-mails to Paypal that are clearly being sent out by robots I call again explaining everything to the agent, this time its a very sweet young lady. I get no where and ask to speak with a supervisor named Ashley who is very sweet but does absolutely nothing, after all she just works there, what else can she do except for keep repeating she understands how frustrated I am. Well, at that point I lost it and yelled bloody murder at her which resulted in her telling me that they will credit the funds back to me once the case is closed since I wasn't aware that my shop policies mean absolutely nothing to Paypal. She also informed me that my shop policies mean nothing when a customer uses Paypal because Paypal policies trump my shop policies.

Thus, Paypal is not an option for me. I apologize if this compromises many of you. I will accept Paypal payments from customers who have made purchases from me in the past. In order to use that option e-mail me a link to the item(s) you want and I will send you an invoice.

FYI, the case of the missing perfume has not yet been resolved yet. Supposedly he has sent the compact back to me so he can get his refund from Paypal. Once the compact arrives I have been instructed by Paypal agents that I am to go to the RESOLUTION center and enter if it has arrived as I sent it. I still have no access to cases in my RESOLUTION center and the compact has yet to arrive back. I am most curious if the compact will be empty or still contain the perfume which I mindfully poured into it the day it was sent out all beautifully packaged.

In the meantime remember to cast your six votes for my nomination at the American Made Awards here.

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