Friday, October 4, 2013


Aumbre is now available in the Eau de Parfum format. While I was decanting the potion my friend Wendel walked into the studio and let loose a torrent of descriptive words including, but, not limited to "Big Sur, crunchy leaves, ocean air, camp fire.." Then on Monday another girlfriend was here who upon inhaling the solid exclaimed "This clearly is something everyone should have."

The conclusion based on the above impressions and the warm, smokey, incense notes of this amber fragrance is that its perfect for Autumn. To my nose there is a apple/fruit within the amber that weaves in and out of the spice, incense and smoke that feels very Autumnal.

Aumbre was made for my husband Greg years ago when I first started creating perfume blends, I expanded it when I was searching for a warm, amber note for To Bee. Aumbre is both an accord/chord and a stand alone perfume in the oriental fragrance family. Within the tribe of fragrances I offer its more of a amber soliflore than a complex work like GreenWitch with her five accords/chords.

Due to the amount of heavy base notes Aumbre has great longevity which carries through into the EdP (Eau de Parfum). I look forward to hearing from those who have experienced the EdP so I can relay your impressions of the notes and longevity.

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