Friday, November 29, 2013

Giving Thanks

Greg and I headed south yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving day with the Neuharts in Hermosa Beach. As usual Marilyn had the table decked out beautifully.

This years color palette was orange and yellows, which was also manifest in her collection of tigers on a table in the living room. This table is technically in the dining room, but, it was rarely used for such purposes. It has become a site for her ongoing seasonal displays.

When I go over there I love to wonder about the house and take pictures. Marilyns design since is so emblematic of the mid century modern style with bold color and patterns. Unfortunately the light was going fast and I wasn't able to take too many shots.

Also on view was Eve's dollhouse which is being restored. I'll have more pictures of this incredible work of art in December when Eve returns from Vermont and we head over there during the day when there will be better light for taking photos.

Intending you are all feeling the gratitude in your hearts.

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