Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winner of "Pin it to Win It, Round Two"

The votes from the three judges for the most recent Pin It to Win It Contest are in. The process of choosing a winner, from their selections, has been extremely daunting since there was no obvious first place candidate. Thus, I asked friends and family to assist in mathematical calculations and also evaluated each board myself.

I enlisted the help of three judges to begin the process of choosing the winning board. The first is Sarah Wolfe, who was the winner of the Pin It to Win It contest in the June for Figure 1: Noir. I also asked Beth Schreibman-Gehring, a friend from the perfume blogosphere who you may recall from the Perfume Illuminated project and Ashley of the beauty blog Hollywood MakeUp. Each of these ladies know the fragrances and the "soul" of the work.

Scroll to the bottom if you are anxious to hear who ultimately won the top prize.

Here is what each of these beauties had to say about what they voted for:


I've just finished reading 'The Rathbones,' which may have unduly influenced me with its words, weaving magical images of the sea.  This resplendent board - fresh, mysterious, glimmering -  has inspired me to go back to my samples and try Greenwitch again.

Just gorgeous!  My Vespertina sample is now on my dresser and I'm craving + wearing this beautiful burgundy color.

Stunning images that capture the darker side of this fragrance.  You know how much I adore this one!

If this Aumbre board had incorporated more images of your website, however, I would have picked it instead:  Excellent visual representation of the scent.


I loved immersing myself in the beauty of these boards. Each one of them was unique and it was so easy to feel and see the love with which they were made. I was struck instantly by how accessible you are to them…these were all made by " friends".  Everyone was glorious and it was very hard to choose let alone narrow my decision down to three! In the end I went with the boards that upon first glance conjured up thoughts of you and your wonderful home among the honeybee's and the sacred Oaks. The three that I've chosen transported me to your studio immediately , wafting memories of  your glorious hand blended accords and  jasmine scented hydrosol. Sending much love to all…

 For me it is hard to choose a 1, 2 and 3…I loved these three equally, but if I had to……

1. Stephanie Roberts -  Aumbre
2. Larkin Small- Beauty is a chypre 
3. Topaz Mortmain - Q


I was graciously asked by Roxana to help assist in judging her 'Pin It To Win It Contest". Since I have such a fervent admiration of her work, I felt honoured to have the chance to participate. While it was a difficult decision to narrow down all of the wonderful submissions, there are three boards in particular that stood out to me.

My first choice goes to Myy for her intoxicating Figure 1: NOIR board and the enchanting romanticism displayed in her submission for the Vespertina scent. The imagery all intertwined rather beautifully and I felt that both submissions were a perfect depiction of the essence and mood I felt when I was first introduced to both fragrances. Fantastic job, Myy! I enjoyed your submissions greatly.

My second choice is a submission from Stephanie Roberts with her ode to 'Aumbre'. The rich autumn palette, brilliant amber stones and smokey woodland feel really captured my imagination and allowed it to not only relish in the story behind the scent, but let my thoughts be immersed in a dreamy, relaxed state. Brilliant use of colors to evoke a mood, Stephanie!

My third choice is Topaz Mortmain with her submission for Greenwitch and "Q". I instantly felt a sense of whimsy, the sacredness of nature and a penchant for adventure when viewing these boards. I though the Greenwitch board captured the smooth, crisp feeling of the sea air and the beauty that lies beneath its depths. Topaz' homage to "Q' reminded me of an ancient wood filled with elemental magic, mystical creatures and secrets unknown. Such strong imagery and storytelling! Thank you, Topaz.

In evaluating the judges choices we have four individuals and six boards in the final: two boards by Myy, two by Topaz, Aumbre by Stephanie and Beauty is a Chypre (Hedera helix) by Larkin Small. The challenge presented was how to choose the first place winner of these? First thing I did was eliminated Myy's Figure 1: Noir since (although one of my personal favorites) it was originally created for the first Pin it to Win it contest. Next I assigned a sum of points to each place setting #1 = 10 points, #2 = 5 points, #3 = 2.5 points and #4 = 1.25 points. Since Myy's Figure 1: Noir board was eliminated that moved her Vespertina board as #1 in Ashley's selection and Stephanie's Aumbre into #3 on Sarah's selection. Thus the tally:

Stephanie: Aumbre 17.5
Myy: Vespertina 15
Topaz: GreenWitch 12.5
Topaz: Q 5
Larkin: Hedera helix 5

The winner is Stephanie with smaller prizes awarded to Myy, Topaz and Larkin. Much gratitude to the judges and all individuals who submitted such beautiful and evocative boards! May creativity and beauty flourish in the New Year!

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Gosh, thanks for letting me play - I thoroughly enjoyed trying to put images & ideas into an organised interpretation.

Topaz Mortmain/et al