Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn

I've been spending my evenings making large amounts of the synergies for all the perfumes, in both solid and liquid form. Page 47 liquid and Eau de Parfum will be arriving shortly as well as Vespertina and Chiaroscuro liquid.

As I was meticulously making my way through the fragrances I noticed that the solid synergies for Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn were running low. Thus I got out the formulas for both the liquid and solid varieties of each one with the intention to start building them. To my dismay, there are a few ingredients that have become challenging to obtain. What is left in both those perfumes is located at the website. Find them by putting Hedera helix and or Gracing the Dawn into the search bar at the top right.

Figure 5: Bois and Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin will debut shortly. I am awaiting wax for Bois, in the meantime I am happy to make round tins, mini compact tins and compacts for those who make the request via e-mail or through the website.

I have also been slowly adding Valentine related items to the shops, more on that soon.

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