Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vespertina Liquid is Back

The 2nd edition of Vespertina as a liquid perfume extract is now back! Orchestrated like her solid, creamy counterpart, the synergy contains the same precious essences but in a base of 190 proof organic grape alcohol with two tinctures one from frankincense resin and one from Indian ambrette seeds.

The aromatic is very similar to the solid but varies from the first edition of the liquid. I tested the first edition on one hand and the second edition on the other and noted that the newly constructed fragrance has more complexity and depth, as well as robust longevity when compared side by side.

A rich floral triad at the heart is spun of luxurious rose, jasmine and lotus which gently recline on ancient resinous wood. The affect is an intricate seduction. Images of a golden Bysantine crown come to mind with the rubies, emeralds and opals replaced by precious essences from Arabian deserts and lush ancient forests.

I invite you to sample to new edition and send me your testimonials to include on the new website.

Vespertina Flacon
Vespertina 1 gram in glass vial
Sample set of three

Coming soon: Solid and liquid sample set and 4 grams in a classic bottle.

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