Friday, March 7, 2014


I had intended on attending a trade show today but couldn't get a pass, thus my day was fairly open and then the muse walked in. She arrives very spontaneously and usually leaves a trail of art and disaster since creativity is, after all, a bit like a hurricane.

There's a nice article about creativity at the Huffington Post which describes the attributes of creative thinkers. Some of them are how Greg and I function, very out of the box and in the circular warm embrace of the Goddess.

18 Things Highly Creative People Do:
They day dream
They observe everything
They work the hours that work for them
They take time for solitude
They turn life's obstacles around
They seek out new experiences
They fail up
They ask the big questions
They people-watch
They take risks
They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression
They follow their true passions
They get out of their own heads
They lose track of time
They surround themselves with beauty
They connect the dots
They constantly shake things up
They make time for mindfulness

What resulted from the presence of the Muse today was a continuation of the Cabinet of Curiosity type photos. The ones I took today are more of a sketch, as I'd like to get more conceptual with them. I loved the process of losing myself in the flow of creating, this is much more do-able in the visual arts than the aromatics. In perfume work I am constantly taking notes and documenting what I am doing, which encages both the linear and circular thinking, where as drawing, photography, etc. is much more round and lush.

I turned my studio, the kitchen, the living room (which is already a second studio space for me) the computer studio upside down looking for herbs, leaves, roots, letterpress paraphernalia, ribbons, sea shells, etc. Time to go do some clean up before tackling more blending this evening...although I'd really like to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel film debuting this weekend.

By the way both Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn are melding quite nicely, expect to see them back next week with a report. Besides the muse leaving a mess in her wake I also discovered a jasmin sambac bloom in the garden, which means Blossom will be arriving back shortly.

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