Friday, April 18, 2014

Impromptu Reviews

This is the official landing page for reviews of Impromptu botanical perfume as a constant in the line. First up is a paragraph from Sam and review Tom write for Perfume Posse, where he picks up on carnation as the primary note.

"Impromptu is a morpher; a changeling. A fragrance with layers upon layers. A beginning of herbs, wood, and a lemony and astringent quality that eventually warms and morphs into something astounding. Worn leather, sweet balsamic notes, woods and resin mingle together and create this beautiful antique quality and feeling. This isn't a perfume to become weak and subtle with wear, but instead, Impromptu only gets better the longer it is worn - and it lasts an impressively long time."
    ~ Sam, in reference to the liquid perfume extract

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