Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Key

Since signing the lease on the new space last week I've been a little obsessed with getting the space ready. Today I was given the key, which made everything seem so much more real. I've been getting quotes from electricians for providing power to the candelabras as well as going over how best to design the space from lighting, to the functionality of the space and what is needed for displays, etc.

Auspiciously as I was driving up Topanga on my way home I passed by Joseph Wahl Arts and saw a "sale" sign outside his shop as well as some lovely pieces of vintage-looking white furniture that would be perfect for the space. Joseph is downsizing his space, thus the sale. I bought one piece and will most likely commission him do make a table or two. Tomorrow I'm heading over to his work space to see what he might have already made and talk about what I need.

I'll post photos of the space and the renovation as things progress, in the meantime, check out my pin board titled "Perfumery Space Inspiration" to see what my vision is for the site.

The key photo was taken by me today on a pile of vintage books I bought at the vintage market on Sunday. Yes, that's the actual key to my new space! The dress form photo was taken from the Adored Vintage.

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