Thursday, June 26, 2014

Illuminated Space Update

"Go confidently in the direction of your dream. Live the life you’ve imagined."
~ Thoreau

My new space in Agoura has been inching along at a snails pace, due to the management taking their own sweet time. This week things have progressed much more swiftly, although I was informed that the paint I had chosen, for the second time, would cost a fortune mainly due to labor.

Thus, the textured Venetian plaster wall look for the entire space is now being re-evaluated. I contemplated painting it myself or having Greg do it for me but it would involve an entire day of work and setting up scaffolding because of the eighteen foot high ceilings. I also looked into the Ralph Lauren finishes like RiverRock, that wouldn't require much labor, but the cost was over budget.

For the paint I settled on a low VOC, environmentally friendly, flat taupe for most of the walls, particularly the high ones. Greg and I may add some texture to them as well as some Venetian plaster to the front facing low wall.

The wrought iron garden trellis I bought for the door to the apothecary has been made into a door and now needs some antiquing to the newly added metalwork frame and a door handle.

Once the painting is finished the electrician will return to put in the chandeliers and two antique scones that were my grandmothers. At that point the real fun will begin as I begin to move in the furniture followed by shelving, glass ware, etc.

Since I've used up my allotted expense money for the space I am crafting a fan funding event to help me get a few things, such as counters for the apothecary area where I'll be making all the fragrant potions, etc.

Images: Opening painting by George Henry Grenville Manton, photographs by Roxana.


Magdalena said...

Hi Roxana,
This is very exciting! I must have missed few posts... I had no idea you were moving your home studio. I am sure your new space will be amazing. You make everything look beautiful:) I would love to come to your fan funding event but it is a little bit too far:) Can we contribute somehow even if we can not attend?
Good luck with all and I hope to visit you in your new space one day!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Magdalena,
Yes, in March I was led to the space and things have auspiciously moved into place to make it happen. I'm super excited too! The fan funding event will be online, here at the journal, so everyone can participate. I'm still working out all the details. More soon. Thanks so very much for your sweet words and support! I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for all my amazing fans and patrons. xox

Magdalena said...

Sounds great! keep us posted:)