Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Between

The work area of my new space, termed apothecary, is finally set up. Thus, all perfumes and new orders will now be created in Agoura Hills. For the time being I've set up the area like I had it here at my home studio to keep things simplified.

The whole space is still being refined, with me making subtle daily changes. I'm in desperate need of furniture, specifically counters and shelving. Its pretty amazing how many bottles of liquids I have amassed in the last eighteen years. Packing and moving all of it in made me realize just how much glass and liquids I have. What a relief that I've only moved ten minutes away.

I have a window display / seating area at the front of the space which for now I am using as a display for my sign and glass ware.

Today I set to work only to realize I have left some valuable glassware and infusions at home. It feels a bit like I'm in between two worlds.

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