Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The progress on the new space continues quite swiftly and productively. It's all feeling like its coming together now and I am absolutely thrilled. The energy in the space is absolutely divine, not only from my point of view but many others who have visited.

The wrought iron trellis that was purchased at the Rose Bowl Flea Market was made into a door and hung while we were in San Diego.

Each day when I head up to continue finishing the painting of the furniture I take a basket or two of items such as books, bottles and props. All these embellishments add more of an apothecary and artistic feel to the space.

One day when Eve and I were trodding up and down the atrium stairs with boxes we noticed a glorious floral fragrance. Eventually Eve discovered that it came from one of the large trees in the center of the Atrium near the stairs. The scent was coming from a beautiful yellow flower known as Magnolia champaca and/or Michelia champaca. In India this flower is floated in water as a sacred offering.

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