Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prepping for the Conference

On Saturday, September 13th at 1:45pm, I will be presenting "The Tree of Life: A Mystical Approach to Botanical Perfumery" at the World of Aromatherapy Conference at Bastyr University. I will also have a booth at the trade show connected to the event.

If any of you dear readers is planning to attend the conference and would like to pick up something specific while there please send me an e-mail. Most likely I will be taking along display items and very little stock to sell, thus a heads up is highly recommended.

Model with locket is Minkie of Rogue Minx Clothing located in Portland, her fave perfume from our line is Chaparral.


Maggie Emm said...

Hope it goes well Roxana! Bizarrely, I am going to be in Seattle from 10th-24th Sept, a once in a blue moon trip from deepest Somerset, England. I wish I could have come to your lecture, it sounds fab, but alas, it's not possible, what a shame. Will it be recorded or made into a transcript at all?
Maggie x

Illuminated Perfume said...

Oh Maggie, how grand it would be to hook up with you! Yes, the lecture will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend.