Monday, September 15, 2014

Virtue United is Stronger

Late last night we arrived back in the dry, hot arid climate of the City of Angels after an amazing Beyond Aromatics conference in Seattle. I'll post details and photos from the event soon. In the meantime I need to fulfill the avalanche of orders from the show (after selling out!) as well as all the orders that came in while we were gone.

I'm so grateful for all of your support dear readers and patrons. The Beyond Aromatics conference was a spectacular experience that I am so extremely grateful to have been part of. I plan to upload a video of my talk so that those of you who did not experience it live to can do so via cyber space.

The photo of Greg and I was taken yesterday by our artist friend Tara Larsen Chang who lives very close to Bastyr. If you look closely you will notice that almost all the little tins of solid perfume are missing under the glass domes. This is because after my presentation on Saturday I sold out of all the perfume mini compacts and lockets, and then began to sell the sample tins as we were getting ready to pack for our ride to the airport.

The opening image was used for the Tree of Life presentation at the conference, the translation of the top banner is Virtue United is Stronger.

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