Thursday, January 22, 2015

La Dame Blanche Solid Perfume

La Dame Blanche as a solid is finally getting uploaded to the website. The color harmony, as mentioned previously, is a sapphire blue.

Read about the concept and formulation of La Dame Blanche here. The image above is the "La Dame Blanche" drawer within the apothecary case in my workspace in Agoura. Each fragrance has its own drawer, for the moment anyway.

The scent, to my nose, has a fresh rose quality with some citrus and wood. There seems to be quite a diverse interpretation on the notes but for the most part "floral' is consistently mentioned. Some pick up on it immediately on rose, others on the citrus top notes while others get spice. It is always fascinating to hear all the scent interpretations, not only for this fragrance but all the others as well.

Next on the horizon for La Dame Blanche is finding the crochet thread and having Martha make some pouches for the solid perfume compacts.

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