Friday, August 7, 2015

Jasmine Tincturing Summer 2015

Although the jasmine blooms seemed to get to a slow start this year they sure have been producing dynamically lately!

Every evening or morning I harvest the little flowers, take photos and add them to the 190 proof grape alcohol. Sometimes I filter the alcohol before adding the flowers, besides that, I do these tasks every single day and will continue until the cycle ends, usually in November.

The amount of photos I take daily is probably as abundant to the blooms. At the moment I have three glass mason jars filled with the aromatic elixir in my refrigerator. This fragrance potion ultimately goes into Blossom, a citrus and herb cologne I created based on traditional formulas. I'm experimenting with using the tincture like a bitter added to cocktails.

Each time I filter the infused alcohol I pour filtered water over the spent flowers I drink the heavenly tonic with Greg.

The biggest challenge each day is figuring out how I will shoot a new and interesting photo of the process, I feel like I've shot every possible potential image and then a new one, thankfully, presents itself. Here's a few from this morning....

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Anonymous said...

Wow, so infinitely delicate and truly heavenly...