Thursday, December 31, 2015

California Christmas 2015

While driving south toward Hermosa Beach on Christmas morning I had the warm snuggly thought that, last night and on this morning, all over the world people were opening little packages of botanical perfume sent with love from a little perfumery in Agoura Hills. Maybe this had occurred to me in previous years, in one way or another, but in that moment it felt like a new thought and brought an extra bit of cheer to the extremely brisk morning.

The cerulean sky looked expansive as our tires rolled over asphalt traveled by millions along the 101 and 405. As we made the turn down toward the little beach community we were met by an even deeper darker share of blue of the Pacific ocean, more in the phthalo range.

As is the custom every year with the Neuhart clan, we begin the morning festivities with a drink (tea for our clan), followed by the yearly holiday photo in the living room with the opening of presents.

This year was no exception to gifts of camera related equipment and books. Can you see my reflection in that new portrait lens on Eve's camera?

After the debauchery of gifts we moved to the dining room for a bit of gluttony beginning with a fresh, vietnamese salad followed by a Yemeni egg dish Marilyn learned to make in the 70's when her and John spent time there. Assorted breads, sausage, chocolate and of course the yearly oranges were also on hand.

Robert the cat, also know as Bob, was a bit perturbed that his daily ritual of sunning and napping in quiet had been interrupted by so many intruders.

Another Christmas come and gone leaves me a bit wiser, with a few more silver hairs and anticipating another year of adventures and stories yet to be unwrapped and shared. May 2016 unfold as a joyous magical journey for each of you.

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