Saturday, January 9, 2016


The rains have FINALLY arrived to Los Angeles! I'm so happy as I am sure the woodland plants and beasties are as well. We were able to get all the natives we purchased at the Theodore Payne Foundation and redo a few of the walls around our 1950's ranch style house completed within hours of the rains arriving.

Since we are up in the hillside and have had several challenges with water drainage on from our own and neighbors properties we've slowly been making adjustments. The hard work over the last fifteen years here have paid off. The only thing still on the list is to create a system to capture water into a tank for irrigation as well as a grey water system.

Since we've had a little respite the last few days we purchased a few more plants, more native ceanothus and artemisia but also drought tolerate, a bee loving rosemary, a couple flats of lantana and two types of cistus, also known as rockrose.

As soon as Greg got them in the ground this afternoon it slowly starting sprinkling again. Yay!

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