Sunday, June 19, 2016

Artistry Video for the Art of Botanical Perfume

I've had an amazing team helping out with elements of the Art of Botanical Perfume online course. Greg being the principal, who acts as a art director for my brand but also my all around support person. Jeff: who helps out with graphics from time to time. I contracted him to create the pdf's, many of which ended up being pretty elaborate like the Essence slide show, the fragrance wheel and the timeline. He and Greg worked together on  the essence kit for the course. The videos for the course were shot by Brian Oh and were then edited by Brian, Greg and a little help by my daughter Eve.
As you can see many artists helping hands facilitated the artistry of this course.

Here's the video that accompanied the opening lesson of the Artistry Module from the course, filmed by Brian and then edited by Greg.

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