Monday, August 1, 2016

Sun in Leo

Hello August, the month of Leo the Lion! This mighty yet warm hearted feline is ruled by the sun, like our little alchemist the honey bee. The big, regal cat purrs in the fantasy of ruling the realm, growls and roars when the illusion bursts. Believe me, I know, my sun is in Leo, although countered with lots of Pisces, Virgo and a Taurus rising. 

Leos love to teach and have a generous affectionate heart. Some believe that the great Sphinx was built during the age of Leo looking over the rising Sun. Pure botanical perfumes are perfect for these astute, luxury loving lions since they are made with the gems ✨ of the fragrance industry. Spare no expense on your big cat, they will brighten your day with their hearty laugh, bright smile and or infectious gregarious nature.

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