Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Updated Palette

Last Spring I had my color palette updated by the leader of the True Beauty Movement, Jennifer Butler. Shortly there after Jennifer asked join her in a series she offers. Here is the link to the public video, the other videos recorded on the same day, are available to her membership groups.

My color palette from ten years ago shifted slightly because of the pewter tones in my hair. I received a few new colors and tones which caused the the entire palette to change slightly. In the photo above the older palette is beneath the new palette.

There are other colors that work on me that are not in this palette or obvious. For example the golden amber hue I wore at the Scent of the Honey Bee presentation in Utah is one of the hues associated with my eyes. And there is a moss green hue Jennifer mentioned I could wear that is the light of my eyes. Pictured above is Heidi and I in front of the University of Salt Lake City Guest House on the last day of Beyond Aromatic conference.

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