Thursday, November 3, 2016

Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Wishing you all an absolutely splendid new seasonal cycle of the great agricultural wheel, transitioning us from light to dark. Breath in the deep, transformative energetics vibrating through the web of life as we step through the threshold, morphing into our highest and most divine self. Some refer to this as a celebration of the dark, a time to turn inward and balance our shadow or alchemical lead.

I'm so happy the Figure 1: Noir in the solid format is back, it's one of my personal favorites as well as for customers and the perfume bloggers. The scent is a spellbinding, rich, loamy fragrance that is grounding and intoxicating. It’s an earthy ode to patchouli contrasted with notes of the dark skinned, full-bodied red wine berries used for making Syrah.

Figure 1 Noir Reviews

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