Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In the Studio: Ascent

New editions of To Bee, Q, Rosa, Blossom, Gracing the Dawn and a few others are all in the works. The hiccup in making more of these gems was due to having spent so much time in developing and creating the content for the online course. Once the course was finally finished I dived into distillation, then working on the Scent of the Honey Bee presentation for the Beyond Aromatics conference compounded by the holidays. Thus a nice amount of the clear, focused time needed for perfume formulation was not to be found.

When I sat down to re-create the perfumes, I noticed that chords were also out of stock, but even worse, I was out of many essences. Thus, the first task was to access which essences needed to be ordered and tracking them down. Next on the list was creating the chords that would go into each perfume. Rosa contains a leather chord which contains two other chords within its structure—chords within chords. Thus, you can see how complex making more of this fragrance can be. This leather chord is also one of the main bones in the structure of a few other perfumes as well.

Creating perfumes within the studio of my home was much easier than at the perfumery where noise and the constant stream of the freezing air from the shared system constantly assaults my senses. We are dynamic beings in a constantly moving sphere. As these fireballs, in the form of emotional, physical and spiritual challenges hurl their way at us, its good to remain grounded.  I am visualizing myself as graceful as the fictional character Lara Croft, portrayed so eloquently by Angelina Jolie, when defending her manor.

Speaking of Lara Croft, I am thrilled to hear that Alicia Vikander will be Lara Croft in an upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, an excellent choice! Image below via RedIt, wish I knew the artist so that I could credit them. If I were to scent her I'd choice something earthy but with some sweetness, perhaps Rosa, Terrestre or Aumbre, what do you think?

Of all the fragrances on the tarmac being readied for take off, its looking like Blossom will be the first to fly into the heavens and infuse your smell-scape with the uplifting scent of jasmine and orange flowers.

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