Friday, March 17, 2017

Bee-ing Green

When I contemplate the “green” note in a perfume, it is so much more than just the scent. At the core are the ingredients, how are they grown, obtained, processed and then brought to the market. Is the soul of the plant, the quintessence, still contained in the material that is being used? Or have those energetic fields been stripped out, starting with the seed?

The subtle frequencies of the soul imprint, the deva, spirit guardian or angel of the plant, still vibrant...even at ppb (parts per billion)? Many of us yearn for communion with that soul essence, the botanical matrix of the plant.

Thus on this St. Patricks Day, I'm cheering for authentic green, to the pagans who were so intimately aware of these subtle energies and to all the defenders of Gaia.

Find the Emerald Green Honey Bee Compact here.

Photos & text ©RoxanaVilla

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