Thursday, December 5, 2019


Hydro meaning water and sol meaning solution, the term hydrosol is the aromatic water that carries over the essential oil during the process of distillation. In some instances the end product is the hydrosol, the condensate water produced during a plant distillation, while in others the hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation of plant matter to obtain essential oil. This fragrant water is bursting with similar aromatherapeutic affects as the essential oil counterpart but in a water soluble format that is much more subtle.

Hydrosols have many names including distillate water, floral water, plant water and hydrolat, lat referring to the transparent milky color of the water as it initially comes out of the still. In some instances words such as floral or plant water may not be a hydrosol but a water with added scent material.

During the distillation process plant matter gently imprints the water with its molecular trace particles resulting in a fragrant water. Referred to as "waters of life" in the past, hydrosols are considered a lost art that are now circling back as a revolutionary new form of aromatherapy. The distillates have been termed as “the soul of the plant”, with the ability to transmit non-verbal messages, bypassing the thinking mind.

I distill hydrosols with a heart-fulness that begins when harvesting the material throughout the entire process to bottling. I use both a cooper and glass still, depending on the time of year and availability of plant matter.

Hydrosols contain essential oil molecules which help preserve them and in turn offers many of the benefits of the essential oil. I use them for skin care as toners, room & body misters, perfume,  deodorant and combining with other ingredients to make eco friendly cleaners, facial masks, drinks or for flavoring. Since hydrosols have a cooling quality and are said to reduce inflammation, they are especially useful in hot weather, when someone has a fever and when heat rises in the body, such as a hot flash.

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Santa Fe Pinon & Santa Monica Mountain White Sage, the word Santa means Holy in Spanish, these are indeed holy, actually “divine” is a better word.

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