Thursday, November 22, 2007


In the United States today we celebrate Thanksgiving, another holy day that started with a great premise but has turned rather surreal, in my opinion. The masses seem to view this day more about food and football than gratitude. Sigh. However, I have learned that instead of focusing on what I dislike in others, I focus on what I would like to create. Thus...

I intend that on this blessed day of Thanks giving we all tune into deep gratitude for all the bountiful beauty and love in our lives. The tradition of Thanksgiving began with the early settlers and the first native people in America. In the US we call them Indians or Native People, in Canada they are referred to as First Nations People, which makes more sense. After all, the word Indian isn't really appropriate since Columbus thought he was in India when he used that term. The word Native doesn't apply either, there are a lot of natives to the US that are not from the lineage of those that dwelled here when the Europeans arrived on their ships. Thus, what is the appropriate/politically correct word? Until I discover it I will use the term Native Indians. I have a tremendous respect for the Native Indians and would like to send out a blessing to them and that we may hear the wisdom that they have been sharing with us since the Europeans first arrived on this continent.

I am grateful for so much in my life and feel truly blessed.

Image above: "Blessings" ©Greg Spalenka, oil paint and mixed media on board.

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