Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perfume Lynched

During the eighties, when I lived in Brooklyn Heights, the TV series Twin Peaks debuted. Artists generally are quite fond of David Lynch due to his surreal and esoteric portrayal of life. Within the circle of artist, illustrators and graphic designers Twin Peaks was adored and the episodes highly anticipated every week.
This morning I read that shortly after David's success with Twin Peaks he directed several Perfume commercials. The first few are a series with the narrated words of famous authors.

D.H. Lawrence

Ernest Hemingway

and F. Scott Fitzgerald

See and read more about these commercials, David Lynch and Twin Peaks at this blog.

The Twin Peaks Gold Edition was released last month. I introduced the series to my daughter. Eve is enchanted with the characters, direction and story...when she's not creeped out by Bob.
It's great fun to view the series again, with an entirely new point of view. I've been thoroughly enjoying all references to perfume and scent related topics.

Twin Peaks info site
David Lynch

Photo of David Lynch from his website.

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