Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today was the final class in the California Native Plant Design series at the Theodore Payne Foundation. I now have a complete landscape design using native plants for the front portion of our lot. I chose plants from the Woodland and Chaparral community since that is where our home is located. The intention for the design is beauty and expand awareness of native flora. Aromatic plants were chosen to be included in the creation of botanical perfumes, especially those in the Californica series.

We began the process by removing the vinca, native to Europe, that covered our front slope. I’m sure that process will continue. This past week we started giving away other non-natives in the garden to neighbors, family and friends. Although we still have lots of work to do before we can start planting, I do intend to have some plants in the ground by April!

The painting above is called Sovereignty, the image came to me during a Beltane meditation.

In 1996 I was part of an initiate circle with about seven other women. We would meet once a month at a loft in downtown LA. The intention was greater awareness. We would meditate, drum, read, study archetypal energies, do ritual and practice mindfulness. Here is an excerpt from one of our handouts, by our facilitator and dear friend Kaitryne:
“The Goddess Sovereignty represents the inherit unity of the King and the Land. She also stands for just and truthful dealings among all peoples. She is the epicenter about which the Arthurian Legends revolve, for she is the Goddess of the land and whatever affects the land causes changes in her. The Goddess of Sovereignty holds a four-sided cup of truth and justice: if three falsehoods are said over it: it will shatter into pieces; but if three truths are said over it: it will reunite. Like the Earth itself, she must be respected.”

Of all the archetypes we studied Sovereignty keeps circling back to me, especially now that I find myself defending the Oak trees in and around my community.

If I were to create a perfume in honor of Sovereignty I would start with a base of earthy and woody notes, possibly: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Mitti, Vetiver, Patchouli. The greenness of Galbanum is a must for its definitive green, fresh earth quality. Where to go from there...hmmm....

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™
The Theodore Payne Foundation
Arthurian Traditions

Sovereignty ©Roxana Villa

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