Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sky is Open

We celebrated the earth this weekend in the Santa Monica mountains among divine beings. On Sunday we met some friends up in Topanga, hopped on bikes and scooters and made our way to the Topanga Earth Day Celebration. Through the chaparral scented breeze, winding amongst oaks,we headed toward our destination. I was very keen on meeting Cecilia Garcia, a Chumash Indian Medicine woman who was speaking on the medicinal qualities of California native plants. We parked our bikes at the base of the secret entrance and wound our way up the mountain. I shot off to the tipi where Cecilia and her comrade James Adams were standing before an array of sages, artemisias and other herbs. We were instructed to sit, take a stalk of white sage and break it where it wanted to be broken. After doing so we took the hollow piece and put it to our mouths like cigars. We breathed in through our mouths and out through our noses, taking in the energetics of the sage. As we did this we were also instructed to clean the leaves of our stalk, thus insuring even more communion with the plant. After soaking a plethora of information from Cecilia and James we ventured off to take in the very “hippesque” sights. To my enormous delight, one of my all time favorite songwriter/musicians was scheduled to perform within minutes. I couldn’t believe the good fortune. Donna De Lory is a musician I was introduced through one of my yoga instructors. Donna is local to Topanga, she melds ancient sanskrit chants with modern sounds seamlessly. So much so, that for me she is the voice of the Divine feminine. On stage she is even more magnetic, in person she is enchanting.

At the end of the day yesterday I was in bliss with profound gratitude for the earth, the native plants and our beautiful friends. The aroma of sage will now forever be affiliated with BLISS!

Cecilia Garcia does not have a website, however, she will be teaching at the Theodore Payne Foundation this May. We have been in contact with her and James about doing a class here in Woodland Hills. Stay tuned.
Chumash Healing with Native Plants at Theodore Payne Foundation

On May 3rd Donna De Lory will be appearing at Exhale in Venice and then traveling to the Omega Institute in NY. Here are various sites to visit and listen to her exquisite music.
Donna's website
and her blog.
The title of this journal entry is named after Donna's new album "The Sky is Open."

The photos were taken at Topanga Earth Day: a display of California native plants and Donna on the main stage with her band.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely inspiring afternoon! There is nothing like a day out and off, getting in touch again with oneself, with nature, with the spirits/vibes/colors that guide us.
The sky is open indeed and by far not the limit.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Yes, getting out of the studio is a good thing, something I have trouble with. The Santa Monica Mountains are currently in bloom and spectacular, much like the desert when you were here gracing us with your visit.