Friday, May 9, 2008

Ah, it's Friday!

I've had a few enquiries as to what I am currently working on. Generally, an artistic endeavor of some sort is happening here in the studio at all times. In the past the studio was mostly a place for creating illustrations for publications. Now there are bottles and bottles of high grade essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, glass beakers, filters scent strips, etc. The bottles of essence seem to multiply like rabbits, both in my studio and the refrigerator. Not to mention all the tinctures.

In this sacred moment I am working on an Eau de Cologne, the perfume The Three Graces and several custom perfume portraits. Currently melding is a Leather perfume that began as a chord, the second edition of Vera, the new perfume and several chords. I am also typing up some of my formulas so that I can recreate them with more grace and ease. What seems to take the longest is assembling all the essences, which I line up, just like a painter does with his colors of pigment. New levels of the similarities between creating perfume and a painting continue to present themselves to me.

Samples, perfumes and aromatherapy blends are being packed and ready for shipping. Last minute preparations are being completed for our booth at the upcoming WCWP Expo. I have been working daily with Greg on imagery for the new perfume and Martha on her extraordinary contribution to our packaging design. On almost a daily basis I dialogue with my website designer who has now become a dear and beloved friend.

A friend met through a passion for native plants has given me his copy of Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins to read. I am thoroughly enjoying it and highly recommend it to all scent devotees. During the eighties, when I had just moved to NYC with Ben, he was reading the book. He is a enormous fan of Robbins and has been telling me to read this novel ever since. It was the act of someone giving me the book which finally got me to read it. Thank you Ron!

There are a multitude of projects in the works, however, they are not ready to be revealed just yet. Even if it is Friday, my very favorite day of the week! Thank you to all the angels who walk this path with me on this lovely adventure here on planet spaceship Earth.

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