Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The May Tree

Today marks the start of a new Celtic lunar cycle according to the Beth-Luis-Nion calendar. Each of the thirteen cycles, consisting of twenty-eight days, is related to one of the trees which the old Celts held sacred. May 13th is the first day of the sixth moon related to the Hawthorn. The tree is sometimes referred to as Thorn, May Tree and Hagthorn and has a phallic appearance which is probably why is this magical tree is considered masculine in nature. The berries, leaves and wood of the tree are used in herbal medicine. Hawthorn lore is closely associated with the festival of Beltane and the fairae realm. It is one of the trees creating the triad of “Oak, Ash and Thorn.” Where these trees grow together is where one will find the fair folk of the fey realm.

Image ©Greg Spalenka www.spalenka.com
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