Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New York, New York

I took my hearthrob, aka Greg, to the airport last night. He caught the red eye into NYC. He invited me to come along, now I am rather thinking I made a mistake in not going with him. I chose to stay and focus filling orders, custom perfumes and the second edition of Chaparral. After all, we are going to be in San Diego soon and Mexico after that. Still, New York beckons, it's in my blood.

Shortly after graduating from Otis Art Institute I moved to the big apple. I was fortunate to get freelance illustration work immediately. My first apartment was in the Cobble Hill district of Brooklyn. After a few years, with the help of my mother, I purchased an apartment in Brooklyn Heights. The building had once been a hotel right on Montague Street a few blocks from the Promenade. An old brick building featuring apartments high ceilings. I loved it there and still regret selling the apartment with the view of the Statue of Liberty from the balcony.

I also shared a small studio space in Manhattan with a painter. The studio was for my rather large and cumbersome Van der cook letterpress. More on this soon.

{{{{ sigh }}}}

Greg is in New York for ICON, the illustrators conference. He is the moderator for a panel discussion called "Moving Imagination: Concept Design in the Film and Gaming Industry" with his buddies Stephan and Barry. Ugh, I'm getting really jealous just keystroking this information, best focus now on what I stayed here to do...perfume. Comic Con is right around the corner anyway!

Greg Spalenka

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