Friday, July 4, 2008

The Soul Cracked Open

My roots as an artist were first nurtured by the visual arts. Artists creating fantastical visions delving into other realms of the psyche, many from Europe, were what fed my creative appetite. One such artist is now featured in a new documentary, he is the French artist known simply as Moebius, his real name is Jean Giraud. In the field of SciFi, Comics and Fantasy arts he is considered one of the Gods, in fact he was deemed The Pope of Comics. Besides being a "drawing machine" as Gieger refers to him, he is a visual storyteller and contributed visual production for film including The Fifth Element among others.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Thanks for the video. This looks promising and I wonder of course how you moved on from Mobius to find your style!?

Illuminated Perfume said...

The fellow that posted this video mentioned that a few nights ago it ran on Swiss TV. Guss you didn't get a chance to see it with all those samplers to send out huh?!
Artists like Mobius inspired me because of their draftsmanship, although it was the fantastical imagery that drew me in. You can see the influence of fantastical artists on my work. More obvious from the works of Jean Michel Folon. Then there is the influence of primitive works from Columbia, Africa and the master Paul Klee.

Telesilla said...

Wow, that was a great documentary! Watching it reminded me of how much I love his work and how much it influenced my ideas of what good comics/comic book art should look like-which might explain why I'm usually so disappointed by the "normal" comic books here in the US. He's just brilliant, and interesting too; I never really knew anything about him before seeing this. Thanks for posting it!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Welcome Telesilla, a fellow Leo! Are you going to ComicCon in a few weeks? I've heard that Mobius sometimes shows up. I haven't come across him there...yet...but...I'm intending. Other fantastic artists will be at there con en masse. I'm counting the days. I agree with your comment on what great comics should be. One of my favorite things to do at ComicCon is go through the small publishing section, such innovative works.

Telesilla said...

Roxana, sadly, Comic Con is out of my reach finacially. Hopefully someday I'll go; it's a straight shot down to San Diego from Sacramento and I've got friends in the area. Hope you have a good time!

PS Yay Leos! :)