Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes: Comic Con 08

Slowly but surely re-integrating into this sphere after a very exciting and inspiring Comic Con. Highlights this year included many of the same as last year:

  • Seeing and meeting our friends and fans, as well as creating new ones.
  • Show & Tell on our part and our fellow creative spirits.
  • Attending a few panel discussions in “fan” mode.
  • Observing with awe the full spectrum of what Comic Con holds, it’s pretty mind blowing.
  • Forging new relationships.
We arrived Wednesday afternoon just in time to get the booth set up for the special attendees of Preview Night. The air conditioning was at an all time high blowing down on us like a blizzard. We could have used scarves and mittens. With all the wild costumes around no one would have noticed. As you can see from the photo below Greg had on a wool sweater and hat.Each day was begun very early in the morning with a big hearty breakfast and arriving at the hall to get the booth re-organized for the busy day ahead. The booth was located in the Illustrators section right across from Greg's rep Allen Spiegel. Down the same aisle from us and around the corner were all our fellow artist pals.

It is a joy to see everyone each year. We noticed that Comic Con is a marker for us, where the year is defined by that event and seeing our friends.

Rick Berry was disappointed I hadn’t exhibited or brought any of my visual art with me. In the past I didn't see my illustrative work matching the energetics of Comic Con. However, after seeing our artist sister buddies and the response to the jewelry featuring my imagery, I am reconsidering.

After each day we would drape the booth and head on out to dinner with a large group of friends, usually the group numbered about ten. We met and got to know martial arts expert, writer and philosopher Ric Meyer the first night. Getting to know the artist Justine Sweet a bit was fantastic. After dinner the artists would all gather in the lobby of a local hotel for more concentrated bonding time. Unfortunately we missed the wrestling matches Friday night culminating with two of the women winning! Darn, I would have liked to witness that.

We didn’t see Holly Black this year, not sure if she attended. Orson Scott Card was there leading a panel on writing and signing his new book with TOR. He graciously stopped by the booth to say hello.

To my surprise Chaparral was the most popular fragrance in our collection this year. Q and Vespertina hold there own, however the aromatics of the Chaparral were what really hit a nerve in the collective at the event. The second edition of Chaparral is currently in formulation, so I did not have samplers or bottles on hand to sell, only for sampling on the skin and inhaling. I have come home with a long list of orders for this perfume.

On Sunday afternoon Deepak Chopra returned to Comic Con. A couple years back we heard him speak and were in awe that he was at Comic Con. The panel was moderated by Deepak's son, Gotham. Grant Morrison and Deepak shared their definitions of certain words and ideas on the changing world. Including their thoughts on the the similarities between superheroes like Superman and Batman the spiritual masters like Buddha and Jesus. They reminded us that all four of these archetypes are within us. Deepak spoke of the necessity of both dark and light, that both of these forces are essential to life. It is so fantastic to see this type of dialog occur at Comic Con. Deepak refers to the event as a "carnival for our collective imagination."

Photo of Greg at the booth and Deepak Chopra by James Spalenka. The photo of the extra large ugly doll was taken by me as they were escorting Wage upstairs, that was for Eve. Image of Chaparral and the original Tithe book illustration ©Greg Spalenka.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™

Greg Spalenka

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