Monday, August 4, 2008

A Perfume for Lughnasadh

Summer's lease hath all to short a date.
~ William Shakespeare

The Celtic high holiday Lughnasadh is named after the fire god Lugh. Sometimes referred to as Lammas, Lughnasadh marks the celebration of the harvest and the end of summer. Here in the City of Angels this holiday hits a bit early and doesn’t quite align with what is taking place on a tangible level. Perhaps that is why I am tardy writing about it?
This past Friday marked the first day of August as well as first day of the Sun’s descent. The day light now slowly begins to diminish as we move into the dark of winter.

Festivals revolve around the harvest where the Green Man is honored for his cycle of death and rebirth.

The harvest theme is a good place to begin gathering inspiration to create a sacred scent or perfume for Lughnasadh. Fruit, such as berries and vegetables were used at altars. In the botanical perfumers palette we have a few gourmand essences that could work such as; cranberry absolute, hay, wheat and hazelnut. Other materials could be tinctured and infused. Many of the traditional herbs of Lughnasadh are also available in essence: Fenugreek and Frankincense. Herbs which evoke the Sun, Apollo and Fire have an apropos feel: Helichrysum, Cade, and Saffron. Pepper, Orange and Ginger for top notes.

Another theme that would take a completely different direction would be a composition based on the Green Man or John Barleycorn. I would begin this formula with a warm amber accord to represent the sun and the harvest. From there contemplate elements which are most representative of one of the two mentioned gods.

Once you have finished your scent apply it with gratitude in your heart for the abundance in your life.

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