Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Artist's Way

Somewhere around the Autumn of 1998 I decided to read The Artist's Way. The Artist's Way is a tool kit filled with a variety of paths leading to the center of the creative soul. The best-selling author, Julia Cameron, wrote a number of books after her million dollar best seller.

Currently I am reading The Vein of Gold. I find the tasks a bit challenging with all the other items on my daily to do list. For example, one of my new assignments is to walk 20 minutes every day...alone. Greg and I normally take walks up here in the hills daily. We love it and it is one of the reasons we choose this particular house on the edge of the trails into the Santa Monica Mountains. I've started to do my "loner" walks in the early morning, just after Eve ddeparts for school.

The "artist's dates" have been fun. At first it was hard to come up with things to do. Now I've gotten the hang of it. A few weeks ago I decided to redo the bulletin board, which led to a bit of a revamp of the studio utilizing the colors of my essence work. I feel content, euphoric, energized and focused in my creative space now. Amazing what such a simple change can do.

Another task I am still working on is creating a creative cluster group. Many of the friends I have sought out to include in this group are not available until September. One of them asked
"What's an artist's date? Does it mean I get to go on dates with artists?" He-he, no, well sort means you take your inner artist out for some creative play time.

The image above is a detail from my newly vamped bulletin board, featuring many of my "dusty" colors. My essence is illuminated by twilight. The colors, which are featured at Roxana Illuminated Perfume resonate with the season of Summer and are a bit muted. We kid around that the colors have a layer of dust.

The Artist's Way
Roxana Illuminated Perfume™


Krista said...

Your blog is a wonderful read, so evocative and rich.
I loved this post on The Artist's Way and Vein of Gold. The Artist's Way was a powerful catalyst that sparked my creativity and subsequently changed my life. Makes me want to revisit for some disciplined inspiration. Might be time to pick up the 'morning pages again'....!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Krista and welcome. Yes, a powerful catalyst is a great description for it! I have found "The Artist Way" to be a life changer as well. Thank you for your thoughts on our blog and visiting us.