Monday, September 15, 2008

Celtic Tree Month: Vine

Highest of beauty and strongest of effort

Round and round we go, the new Celtic Tree lunar phase is the Vine. We don’t usually think of the Vine being a tree, but, indeed it does contain all the characteristics of our tree friends. The Vine in the long lost alnguage of the Tree Ogham is named Muin, associated with the letter M.

The specific vine being referenced is the Grape Vine which provides us with a plethora of plant parts used. The berries are a source of food and juice. The juice is fermented to create wines and alchoholic beverages. In the botanical perfumers apothecary Grape alcohol is often the main ingredient in liquid perfumes. In herbal folklore the five lobbed, mineral rich leaves of the Vine are used in tea for a variety of ailments or eaten raw in salads. Other uses include making rope or twine from the roots.

In books of symbolism the Grape is often associated with bounty and ensures prosperity. More references site: revelry, immortality, sacrafice, the Christ and Bacchus, the god of wine.

During this lunar phase of the Vine become conscious of your relationships and the manner in which they weave and twist. An appropriate magical activity would be creating a sacred cord with eleven knots. This cord is worn as a belt while creating an important task filled with intention.

The message of the Vine is "teaching & uniting".

One evening, wine sang out with all its soul:
"I send you, Man, dear disinherited,
From my glass prison with its scarlet seals,
A song of sunshine and of brotherhood!"
Charles Baudelaire

Cheers to the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces today, time to reap
what we have sown.

Images: Old engravings touched up and placed on parchment ©Roxana Villa

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