Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LA Sniffa 2008

The LA Sniffapalooza took place this past Saturday, a very full day fragrance adventure. Attendees began arriving early in the morning to get prime seating, schmooze and fortify themselves with coffee from Mauro's Cafe.

The festivities began at 8am with breakfast, introductions and a presentation by Kate Greene and Stephen Nilsen of Givaudan. This was followed by a procession of several niche perfumers: Lisa Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman's wife), Yosh Han, Kate Growney for Saffron James and Sarah Horowitz-Thran. At 10am the shopping extravaganza began in the Apothia shop with all the perfumers and fragrance reps on hand to assist all you every olfactive needs. Due to my sensitivities to synthetic perfumes I spent most of my time outdoors speaking with other perfumers and attendees. My very favorite sniff during this morning event were two candles by Diptyche. The John Galliano and the Feu de Bois are lovely woody and resiny scents that actually smell of the real thing. The rep was having me experience the florals in the candle line which sent my head spinning. I inquired about the John Galliano candle because I recognized the name, my mother once designed a sweater for his line. Feu de Bois (Firewood), smells of pure Agarwood to my nose, a precious wood note that is one of my all time favorite materials to work with.

Next we journeyed over to Pane e Vino for more presentations and a delicious lunch. At this phase in the pilgrimage it was my turn to present and bring consciousness to the realm of botanical perfume and the plants. I brought with me several native plants from the Theodore Payne Foundation as visual reference. Passionately I presented a case for perfumes created with ACTUAL plant material and the importance of California native plants.

"I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues." ~ Dr. Suess, The Lorax

I launched the fifth perfume in the Californica line of fragrances devoted to the aromatic landscape of California. Rosa is devoted to the California wild rose, botanically named Rosa californica. More details on this perfume in the next post.

Other presenters at the luncheon included Brooke-Harvey Taylor of Pacifica and niche perfumer Kristen Micele. It was fabulous to see Kristen Michele again, she as well as Yosh Han, Faith Heckman and Shannon Metclaf and I all attended the Fragrant Alchemist Workshop here in LA about three years back.

From there we walked down the street to the Scent Bar for more sniffing. Then, much to the relief of our noses, we trekked out to Venice to Strange Invisible Perfumes. This class act natural perfume store was a welcome to the noses of the natural perfume devotees on hand. There was about five of us who felt like we had arrived in heaven as we took the olfactory tour through these gorgeous perfumes made primarily with pure essential oils.

To my pleasure, Wendy and her husband Pierre graced us with their presence at the end of the evening. Wendy was wearing her signature, to die for, handcrafted shoes and had her usual luminous glow about her. Below is a link to Wendys blog.

The full day was great fun and a fantastic opportunity to meet, chat and share with others who have a deep appreciation for the realm of fragrance. For me, I {LOVED} seeing and connecting live and in person with Raphaella Barkely-Brescia. She is a magnetic, warm and loving. Her publication Sniffapalooza Magazine will most likely have details from the LA Sniffapalooza in the next issue on October 17th.

The Basenotes Community has a discussion regarding the LA Sniffa, read it here.

Meanwhile, California burns once more, as fire and air element dance in the local mountains. This is probably a good time to get out there and do some rain dancing rituals, as well as get out of dodge. The air is so thick with smoke that creating perfume is useless.

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Images: Diptyque Candle, Alchemical Rose engraving on
parchment and Fire in the Eyes image by Greg Spalenka.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you at the Sniffa' and loved your presentation. Your passion for botanical perfume and for the environment was very evident. Thanks also for sharing Rosa, which is beautiful. You have a new fan!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you Black Cat. There is nothing like that one on one interaction with human beings, which is why the Sniffa events are so grand. It's a pleasure to share my passion. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the presentation, loved Rosa and are a new fan!

Hey, will you be at NYC Sniffa?

Anonymous said...

I wish! I'm saving my pennies for next year's NY Sniffa', though. Have a great time there!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you Alisa! I'll report back here when I return.