Friday, March 20, 2009

Blossom by blossom

"And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underworld and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

~ Algernon Charles Swinburne "When the Hounds of Spring"

In a time long ago, when the people of the earth followed the signs of nature as their guide, Mean Earraigh also termed the Spring Equinox was celebrated with festivals and ritual. This day marks the beginning of the Spring in the northern hemisphere with an equal balance of day and night.

Now is the time to plant those seeds of manifestation. Although things may appear rather dreary with all the news of financial collapse. Instead of reacting to the doom and gloom that the media is intent on feeding us, look up towards the light, like the new little green sprouts that through the cold and darkness have emerged anew.

One of the Celtic customs of old is the painting of eggs with images of our intentions for the coming year. These eggs are "buried in the Earth Mother, who hears the cries and dreams of her children."1

In my twitter stream a couple days ago someone mentioned that this period we find ourselves in is a "Pre-Boom. Being the eternal optimist, I rather like this outlook. It does require us to engage our will forces to view things from a different perspective. During my Aromatherapy training back in the nineties, I made a blend to strengthen the will force. It consisted of Thyme, Elemi and Grapefruit.

So as not to be too repetitive, here is a link to an entry in this journal that speaks on the Spring Equinox.

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1 Ellen Evert Hopman, A Druids Herbal, Destiny Books, Vermont, Chapter Six, p.46

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