Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scent of the Day: Literarium

I've been assisting my daughter with a presentation for school. She came to me and asked, "Mom, do you have any books on the Philosopher's Stone?" Why yes, I replied, lots. In reality I have many books on alchemy but not necessarily the Philosophers Stone. I also realized that most of the books I have are more image based and not content based, thus the indexing is not very good.

However, one book, I knew would be useful is from Greg's library, it's called The Secret Teaching of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. If my house were on fire and I could only choose one book out of all the bizillion books we own, this would be THE ONE. This is a book I could set with until the end of time. I find it tremendously inspirational, as I do with almost all philosophical books that also contain imagery.

We love books, all types of books, but for the most part art books. If you ever visit our little house in the woods you'll see what I mean. Ideally we need one of those English manors with a separate room with shelves for a library. We're still working on manifesting that one.

Thus, the scent for today will be chosen from the Literarium section of our perfumes. What is that you ask? Ah, well, early on in developing my website I was working with a copy writer. He noticed I had many perfumes influenced by books and suggested I create a series titled Literarium. This series honors the fine art of storytelling and includes two botanical perfumes: Lyra and Vespertina. Since Lyra was our scent of the day yesterday, let's go with Vespertina today.

I took the photo of the land rolls above while in Prague, a truly alchemical city, ©RoxanaVilla.


ScentScelf said...

Fun concept, the Literarium series.

I know what you mean about an English manor house. Actually, there are a fair number of elements I'd like to adopt in addition to the library...

...but, for now, I simply co-opted a room in our non-original house in the 'burbs. I had to leave a 110 year old house behind a few years ago; decided I might as well introduce character to this one.

Plus, all of the books needed a home, and my work area, my husband's work area, the kid's bedrooms, and a few piles here and there in the living room just didn't provide enough space.

Off to learn more about Manly Hall.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Gee, the 110 year old house sounds cool. My daughter Eve would be thrilled with something along those lines.

I think you'll enjoy Manly P. Hall. We found his writings here at our local Theosophical Society.

Here's a link to their, very generic website: