Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scent of the Day: Lunation

Mornings now begin in the pitch black, which I rather dislike. Who thought of this weird tradition of moving back and forward time anyway!?! Bah humbug. Thus scent becomes even more crucial on such mornings. I find the aroma of rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper in my salt scrub invigorating in the morning shower. An excellent start to the day.

The full Moon in Virgo beckons change and thus I begin the day with the grounding aspects of Patchouli followed by a small dab of Chaparral solid. This will shift around mid morning when we depart for a journey behind the orange curtain. Greg is doing a multi media presentation at an art college. Thus I will embody feminine and floral as I take on the role of an adornment at his side.

Not sure what the feminine and floral will be...most likely Lyra liquid and solid layered together. The Ylang Ylang and Jasmine equation in Lyra is romantic, feminine and sensual, complimented by the citrus top notes the fragrance also branches into euphoric.

According to the Claudia Thompson of Moonsurfing: "The trick the Full Moon teaches about is how to keep inspiration alive while also keeping your eye on practical mundane matters." This sounds like my astrological chart.

Wow, I just got massively distracted by my treasury going to the Etsy front page. It's so thrilling when this occurs with one of my items or a treasury I've constructed. Yesterday Greg and I were both featured on a treasury together that hit the front page about this time on the morning.

Alright...back to balancing the mundane with inspiration.

The illustration above is ©Greg Spalenka and is currently for sale at his shop on Etsy. It was originally created for Sports Illustrated, read more here. I cropped the image a bit so that it would suit this post.

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