Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Knit or Knot to Knit

Another chance to make your vote count! My daughter Eve and mother Martha have just recently opened a shop of their own on Etsy titled TwoKnit. Seems that their Renaissance Flower Choker has been nominated in the Best of Spring Fashion Gift Guide! This is very exciting that their shop has been noticed and have been included in such an wonderful grouping. Please take a moment to head on over and cast your vote for this lovely, romantic choker. By doing so, it facilitates their little shop to get some visibility.

So here is what you do:
1) Go to Etsy:
2) Make sure you are signed in, if it is your first time there, create an account.
3) Next, head on over to the voter area at this link.
4) Then VOTE for the Renaissance Flower Choker on Eve's petite neck pictured above. The pictures of the items move around on the page each time one revisits, so if you return the item will most likely be in a new place.

The winners will be revealed Monday morning on the Etsy Storque, stay tuned.
This is the link to Eve and Martha's shop, TwoKnit.
Thank you so much for supporting them and handmade.


AromaX said...

What a lovely collection. Now I see where your lovely perfume bags come from. I wish Eve and Martha good luck with TwoKnit!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Max, how are you? What perfumes are you working on? Thanks for your comment. Indeed, they are creating wonderful items. I wore the crochet cuffs last night, love them.

twolefthands said...

Good Luck with the contest, I have already cast my vote. The choker is lovely!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thanks Liz I appreciate the sentiment.

AromaX said...

Thanks for asking, Roxana - looks a bit like I am under the pressure this time - too many ideas, wishes and duties than I can work on :o) You can notice it - it took so much time to answer your question :o)

I've got an interesting molecule - Safraleine - a nice leather note and trying to surround it with naturals to get a leather accord and combine it with rose.

Unknown said...

found your site when searching for images of beautiful choker.

This one you have is great.

Am writing a blog post on choker, on a whim. Am looking for the type that covers around the neck.

am a guy and never know anything about women's jewerly, or where to look on the internet. Do you have any suggestions? I looked at amazon, the ones they have sucks of course. e.g. cheap ones.

btw, my whim about collecting choker pics is from reading Washington Irvin's ghost story The Adventure of the German Student. (you can find on my website)

the items on your blog looks very beautiful.

thanks if you can give some tips.

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thanks for stopping by. The choker in this first photo is made by Martha of TwoKnit. You can see her shop at this link:
~ Roxana

Unknown said...

@Roxana, thank you very much for the quick reference. Really beautiful items. Etsy seems a wonderful place. Also found your items there. I'll make a link. Thanks again.