Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doors of Perception

Last Saturday was quite a full day with the Museum and Project Peace on Earth Event transpiring back to back. The day began, under a mist of June gloom, at the California Folk Art Museum. The Global Bazaar took place in the outdoor courtyard of the Museum with over fifteen local vendors and artisans offering a wealth of handmade beauty.

The bazaar coinsided with LACMA's annual event, LACMA MUSE ART WALK.

Having attended art school at Otis while it was in downtown Los Angeles, this event felt very appropriate for myself as an artist. A variety of beautiful and gifted art spirits were there exhibiting as well as attending.

Greg took this photo of the me at the table just after we had set up. This was early in the day before the attendees had started appearing, I was still quite chilled from the gloom.

The biggest highlight of the day was meeting many of YOU who came and said hello, this was the sunniest part of the day as each of you are so dear and precious. It's difficult to say what the favorite was at this show. Sometimes it is quite evident, yet on Saturday, each scent seems to have equal appreciate. When I'd speak to individuals and ask them what there favorite fragrance family was the most common answer was Citrus. This was the answer I'd most often hear when I did Aromatherapy trade shows back in the nineties. It is fascinating how individual scent is and how varied the responses are. The men were definitely smitten with Chaparral and Q, so keep these two botanical perfumes in mind for Father's Day, they are perfect for Dad.

Although I had visited this museum quite often while attending art school, I was totally unaware of the large space on two floors above. To my delight there were two fantastic exhibits to expand your mind and alter consciousness. The first was titled Ancient Gods and Modern Politics: Mithila Painting. This show featured intricately drawn and painted imagery from India. These made me want to get my sketchbook and start drawing right then and there! Upstairs, in the larger gallery, was Celestial Ash: Assemblages From Los Angeles which began with an original Joseph Cornell on display. I am a huge fan of Cornell's work, so I was hooked immediately. Artist's displaying their work included Matjames and Gail Greenfield Randall, who for me had the most beautiful and compelling assemblages, besides the small Cornell. This image at left title Castle, by Matjames, was my absolute favorite piece in the show. With doors opening up and revealing yet more doors within doors. I was mesmerized looking at it. CAFAM will be conducting a special Studio Visits with Matjames and Gail Greenfield Randall on Saturday, June 27th. For those who appreciate this art form this will probably be quite an inspiration.

We quickly packed up our wears at 6pm when the exhibit ended to make our way to Westwood for the Project Peace on Earth event that was to follow. I'm intending to get some photos to illustrate that journal post for you. Keep your fingers and toes crossed, journal posts are so much more lively with pictures, don't'cha think?

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