Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here at the little woodland house of creativity Autumn has made her appearance. Formerly she will reach her mark next Tuesday for Mabon/ The Fall Equinox.

We notice the arrival of the new temperate season of Harvest by the acorns that appear under the California Live Oaks. The weather is still warm most of the time but we have gotten out our sweaters and are not running the air conditioning system. Quite the opposite on the other side of the equator in the Southern hemisphere where Spring is arriving.

Eve has started school again, so the languid energetics of summer have been replaced by more rhythmic systems, at least for Eve and I. Greg, for the most part, remains in his own more languid universe of right brain flow.

The perfume devoted to Peace will release September 21st, this coming Moon-day, which is the International Day of Peace and also coincides with the Equinox the following day. As you may have noticed I have been trending toward releasing my botanical perfumes on significant pagan events like High Celtic Holy days or an analogous association like significant Lunar activity. Although I was brought up Catholic, I am most comfortable unbounded by religious dogma and veer toward more pagan, wiccan and eastern thought patterns.

I have been wearing the new perfume and testing it on family members for the last few days. To my nose, it feels very appropriate for moving into this new season. The overall impression is earthy floral notes layered over warm spicy balsamics with a touch of fruit.

Images: Painting above by Pre Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais , small icon of Peace charm

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