Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Polestar Jewelry Winner!

Wow, we had an amazing number of entries for the Polestar Jewelry Giveaway! Thank you so very much to Jennifer for joining us. The number of individuals who migrated to this blog is a great testament to the beauty of her work. Much gratitude also goes out to all of you who tweeted this giveaway.

Now....drrrrrrrrum roll please...the winner of the Polestar Jewelry Giveaway is...the King of Clubs from the Red deck. That card was assigned to one of TICKLEWORM tweets that won her the necklace. Rachel, aka Tickleworms favorite necklace from Polestar's shop on Etsy is the Mocha Necklace pictured above.

Congrats Rachel, enjoy the Glowing Lunar Light Necklace!!!

1 comment:

Tickleworm said...

Yeah! I am sooo excited! Thank you!!!! I LOVE it!