Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Circle: Advent

The fragrance community was a bit of an enigma to me having stepped into it as an aromatherapist and visual artist. There was one voice that constantly rang out to me as I weaved through the maze of perfume blogs. It was a clear, supportive chant, especially for the uber indie sector of perfumer artisans. At the time I was not aware that the writer was also an Opera singer.

During the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball of 2008 Greg and myself finally had the opportunity to meet the shining soul behind the voice, Ida Meister. How blessed we were then and how blessed we are now that she has so generously agreed to share her wit with each of us here this day.

Blessings, and thanks- are due to Roxana and Greg, for including me in their loving project.
Few couples live so very clearly that in which they believe, as these two do.
One physical meeting was NOT enough….


As a non-Christian by birth, and a pan-spiritual being , Advent may perhaps have a very different feel for me.

Does it portend a time of great joy ?
New beginnings ?
Light amidst the darkness, in a season of deep reflection, waiting, a resting, restorative  phase ?

How brilliant of all religions, to utilize what was already firmly in place-
Saturnalia, Christmas, Chanukkah, many Eastern observances-
At this time of the year, when so many experience less daylight, a ‘drawing in’.

As a young child, Sir James Frazier’s The Golden Bough illuminated these practices for me, and demonstrated how universal our needs and desires are.

He was one of the very first to explore those similarities- long before Joseph Campbell, or Carl Jung

[two other beloved philosophers, btw !].

So, where does fragrance fit in ?

For many, like myself-
It increases the profundity of worship, by engaging all the senses.

Whether it be the use of ‘sacred naturals’- myrrhs, incenses, precious woods-
Or simply those spices used to purify and preserve food during the Middle Ages-
The fragrant world taps into our darkest, most plangent recesses.

I’m an old , unrepentant hippie fool, but nonetheless, scent moves my lizard brain and inner recesses deeply. It enables ongoing gratitude for that which is essentially noble, good, and restorative, especially during this season so fraught with deeper meanings and demons, too.

I feel anointed, and more in tune with myself and my world  than any drug can achieve .
Connected with my forebears, beyond the scope of time and space.

May we all feel abundantly blessed, in this season- and all seasons to come.

A word regarding tiny treasures that give great pleasure:

Roxy has created several solid perfumes, which are perfect for gifts to give oneself and others ;-)
Compact, redolent of the real things in life, and infused with a lot of love.
It doesn’t get much better !

And , no.
Except for the bonds of friendship, no one pays me to say anything…

~ Ida Meister
Find Ida floating about the Perfume blogosphere dusting everyone with her magical fairy powder.

Images: ADVENTure blogging banner by Roxana Villa. "Rebirth" painting by Greg Spalenka, available at his shop on Etsy. Carl Jung image supplied by Ida.


Perfumeshrine said...

Fabulously wise words from a magical fairy powder dusting individual par excellence. Thank you!!!

indieperfumes said...

Beautifully done! An entry into your associative and lyrical mind...

Greg Spalenka said...

Such a lovely voice in text and in real life! Art spirit deluxe!

Illuminated Perfume said...

I first heard of Sir James Frazier’s The Golden Bough when I read The Mist's of Avalon...must check it out. Thanks for the reminder.

Flora said...

I can't agree more re: the magically restorative power of perfume, dear Ida! Lovely meditation on how interconnected everything is this time of year.