Friday, December 11, 2009

The Circle: My Favorite Gingerbread Cookies

Ah, it's Friday, the day attributed to the planet Venus. Last night I attended the High School orchestra performance at Highland Hall Waldorf School. My daughter Eve plays the flute and this year she also sung back up for the Brazilian samba piece titled Mas Que Nada by Jorge Ben.

As I witnessed the amazing performance of a very tight and cohesive set of young musicians, I had a thought. This blogging event is much like all those different instruments in the orchestra, or even different types of music: Jazz, Polka, Oriental, Classical, etc. Each voice adds their very own special imprint to our song.

Samba music is happy music, it makes you want to get up and dance. Nicole of Lillyella, our featured contributor today, is a bit like the sunshine one finds in Samba music. Thus on this day attributed to love, Nicole adds another little light to our tree and shares with us the aromas of crafting and a recipe which contains the scent of Christmas for her.

So, get those outrageous costumes on and your voice ready as we Samba our way over to a very luminous soul who I admire greatly and has taught me quite a bit.

and here is the link to her shop on Etsy filled with wonderous treasures:

Images: ADVENTure blogging banner by Roxana Villa.

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