Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Circle: A Silken Thread

With warm affection please journey with me to the Memory and Desire blog. Poet, artist and weaver of lyric tidings Ms. Heather Ettlinger awaits your arrival. Heather is the Mistress of commentary and concept of an enchanting blog devoted to poetry, perfume, and the artistic imagination. Your carriage awaits!




I loved this count down calendar Roxanna!
How have you been my beauty?
Remember the samples you sent me long time ago?
I gave a lecture about perfume and I took them to show around. I wanted people to understand the difference between natural X commercial fragrances.
Some people were very impressed!

Kisses Simone

Illuminated Perfume said...

Hi Simone,

Welcome to the ADVENTure, I am happy you are enjoying our exploration of scent and the holidays. Perhaps you can join in on our blog-o-rama the next time around!

How fabulous of you to share the samples with others. Thank you so very much for doing so and sharing it with me,

Happy Holidays dear heart.