Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everything's coming up poppies!

Jan of Poppytalk Handmade has sent me a note announcing that my work has been included in the award and celebration of the handmade community! The nomination has occurred in the "Accessory" voter, which includes lots of friends and fellow Etsy artists. What a thrill to be in such wonderful company.

Thus, my dear beloved readers and fans here I am again asking for your vote. Please take a stroll on over to the field of poppies and cast your vote for Roxana Illuminated Perfume in the third voter: Accessory. Follow this link and scroll down to Roxana Illuminated Perfume where you simply click on the dot and then submit the vote by clicking on the VOTE button at the bottom. Thank you for your continued support of handmade, botanical perfume!

The voting will remain open for one week effective today(January 20th, through Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 11:59 pm. One vote will be allowed per computer and one vote per category. It's not intended to be a competition as much as to bring more awareness to the handmade community.

While you are there, consider hoping over to this link and voting for my mother and daughter who are in the "Crafters" vote as TwoKnit. Image at top are the intricately mad crochet cuffs that Martha creates for the shop TwoKnit at Etsy.

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