Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Poppies

There have been many wonderous gifts in 2009, but the grandest has been making new friends and discovering the enormous bounty of creative talent within the handmade community.

As a teen I was one of those fringe kids in high school who made their own clothing, gifts, etc. One year for my girlfriends I went as far as carving potato stamps for the paper that was to wrap the handmade gifts! Some of this attention to detail is evident in my perfume line.

Within the vast handmade community exists Poppytalk, a wonderous blog highlighting the beautiful, the decayed and the handmade. I came across Poppytalk last year when a friend in Long Beach turned me onto Blue Poppy Jewelry who had their studio featured on Poppytalk.

Jan of Poppytalk has just recently announced something she is terming as The Poppies over at her blog. The Poppies are a sort of virtual Oscar awards in appreciation and celebration of the handmade community.

This is not meant as a competition but more of an appreciation and acknowledgment of the handmade community; a light and fun process to celebrate the Handmade! The nominating began January 7th, with nominations running through TODAY Tuesday, January 12th at 11:59pm. Followed then by voting to ensure a TOTALLY democratic process. The voting of the finalists will commence Thursday January 14th through to January 20th at 11:59pm. The winners will be announced January 22nd, 2010.

Thus, dear readers and fans please take a stroll on over to the field of poppies and cast your vote for your favorite handmade items. Please consider my work for these sections:

Favorite Handmade Artist Blog >>> Illuminated Perfume Journal
Favorite Handmade Accessories >>> Your favorite perfume from our collection
Favorite Handmade Eco  >>> Your favorite perfume from our collection
Favorite Handmade Jewelry >>> Perfume Locket

Thank you dear hearts!!

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